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The Benrich Water Treatment System is effective in that it coats the inside of piping systems with a microscopic layer of film, thus minimizing the water to metal contact and reducing the rate of corrosion/calcification.  It will also slowly remove existing scale that has formed within your piping system over time.  Since the film layers slowly dissolve, the feeding of the compound is maintained at proper levels by expertly trained service technicians each month.  The Benrich Water Treatment System is the best solution to protect all piping and water using equipment.

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  • Reduces pipe leaks

  • Reduces scale build-up

  • Reduces ground leaks and slab leaks

  • Extends the life of water heaters

  • Extends the life of boiler heat exchangers

  • Reduces plumbing repair costs

  • Savings on energy costs

  • Eliminates red/rusty water

  • Reduces water related repairs by as much as 85%

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